Let's Get To First Base

Monday, August 3, 2015
Game Update

Nashville Sounds search for a new home The future of baseball in Nashville appe...
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Build stadium at Sulphur Dell The debate over where to put a stadium h...
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New ballpark would boost economy, bring in jobs The recent dis�cus�sion around a new bas...
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2012 Target Date to Show Our Support 2012 Winter meeting of all major league ...
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What has hockey done for Nashville? Bridgestone Arena brings fans and unreal...
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Welcome to the center of Nashville Baseball Fans effort to bring a Major League Baseball Team to our city. Left to big business and those with power "The Show" would likely never call Nashville home.  Many of us would enjoy America's pastime here, instead of having to drive to Atlanta, St. Louis, or Cincinnati .

This approach is unique and those of us who support this effort are keenly aware of the obstacles that must be overcome. What we have on our side is time. There is no schedule-just determination.

We are not, and will not ask for donations to support this site. It is privately funded and you will never be asked to send money to us. We will ask that you make a donation to your favorite charity in support of this effort (see "Buy Season Tickets" tab)

Our goal, within a short period of time, is to involve some major players in this effort and let them express to you why this needs to happen. (see "Score Board" tab for list of contributors and resent total donations) This site will also be a friend and resource for our other Nashville professional sports, non-professional sports, college baseball and youth baseball in our area.

Most of all, we need you to tell as many people as you can about this site and become a seasoned ticket holder (see season tickets.)

Batter up!